Power Bank Failure, Can Not Charge And Other Issues How To Deal With?

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Although the rapid development of science and technology, but for digital products or their accessories, there may be one way or another problem, which manufacturers can not be 100 percent to ensure that he produced the digital products are no problem. But there are many problems with the number of different. So now on the market hot product Power Bank, is the same, then we have to analyze several Power Bank problems often occur.

First: the Power Bank can not boot check is not power shortage

New Power Bank supply factory may not charge, power is zero, which led to Power Bank can not boot. The solution to this situation is very simple, I believe you know. First charge for Power Bank 3-5 minutes to boot.

Second: the Power Bank can not boot check is not automatically protected

Power Bank in the event of excessive current, short circuit case, the protection board will automatically enable the protection function, so that Power Bank off. In this case, the Power Bank source can be recharged and the Power Bank is reactivated.

Third: the Power Bank can not boot check is not operational errors

General Power Bank, boot is required to press the power button for 3-5 seconds. Many of the first time users do not know the single press the switch because it is boot. Because each company's operations are not the same, if it is operational errors, it is recommended to look at the manual, the general problem can be solved.

Fourth: the Power Bank can not boot check is not the product is damaged

If the above situation has tried the Power Bank or can not boot, then it may be Power Bank is damaged. If the shelf life, which can be directly after-sales maintenance.

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