Power Bank You Can Provide A Backup Power Supply To Digital Products When There Is No Direct Power Supply Or When You Go Out

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Charging Po is a device that can charge a mobile device directly and has its own storage unit. The main market of the main categories of multi-functional charge Po, the basic configuration of the standard USB output, the basic to meet the current market common mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth headset, digital cameras and other digital products.

Charging Po's own charging plug directly through the AC power can be charged on the mobile device and has its own storage device, the equivalent of a charger and a backup battery mix, compared to standby power supply can simplify a charging plug device, and phase Compared to the charger it has its own power storage device, you can not directly in the power or when the digital products to provide standby power.

Main species

According to the battery classification

Charging Po in the market are generally used in the production of ordinary 18650 lithium batteries and high-level lithium polymer batteries, advanced lithium polymer batteries with 18650 lithium batteries than the better security. In the case of economic permission to recommend the selection of high-level lithium polymer batteries charge treasure.

Ordinary lithium batteries The advantages of ordinary lithium battery batteries: because the development time is relatively long, the battery price is very low. Disadvantages: waste repair batteries more, because the process reasons, the problem rate and failure rate is high. The system is large, heavy weight, short life and may cause an explosion, which is a very fatal shortcomings, the mainstream mobile power are phasing out this kind of batteries. In the coming days, this ordinary lithium battery will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Sorted by charging method

1, linear charge Po: the use of pure resistance current limiting buck or charge management chip buck, the input voltage of 5V directly to the voltage required by the battery, the middle of the transistor through the amplifier or the amplifier within the amplifier zoom The With open

The short success rate of the time period is quite high.

Disadvantages 1): This line is through the linear regulator constant current to consume excess energy to achieve the purpose of buck charging, the temperature is quite high and the charging current can not be bigger, because the greater the charging current so the energy consumption will become the same heat Area also increased.

Disadvantages 2): This line of rechargeable batteries easy to polarize, the greater the charge current will be the greater the polarization area, the capacity will become lower, a long time the battery will become no capacity. The best way to reduce the polarization is to re-charge the battery, reducing the number of battery charging is equal to extend the battery life (polarization refers to the accumulation of oxide hinder the electronic movement). Linear charging is usually constant current - constant pressure - trickle three process.

2, pulse charging Po: the use of CMOS electronic switch, by controlling the time and frequency of the switch buck, constant current charging is also called PWM control charge. The intermediate control process needs to be detected by the CPU port to control the data at the control of the feedback to adjust the width or frequency of the PWM to complete the charging process, the disadvantage is that this line technology is quite complex. Pulse charge Po usually has a slow charge constant flow - fast charge constant current - fast charge constant pressure - trickle repair four process.

The main purpose

Charging Po also known as "mobile power", "mobile power" is the concept of digital products with the popularity and rapid growth and development, and its role is to anytime, anywhere to provide mobile phone or digital products charging function.

Products for a variety of USB interface, digital products include: mobile phones, PSP, MP3, MP4, GPS, IPAD. Applicable to the crowd for business people, fashion up to people, game enthusiasts, travelers, music lovers, night dormitory power students.

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